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Every year you resolve to win the war against fire ants. And every year, you experience the agony of defeat. But it's your home turf, so this year take control of the game. Application is done both by ground and by air depending on the total acreage to be treated. Late August through early October is an ideal time to apply fire ant bait to your lawn -- ants are still foraging and weather patterns are more predictable so you can apply bait when no rain is expected for several days after treatment. Baits are slow-acting, taking weeks to months to reduce ant mound numbers. It's a lot easier to be patient with baits while holed up inside during the winter than in the spring, when you're anxious to get outdoors -- without getting stung. Since fire ants travel from yard to yard, team up with your neighbors to implement fire ant control programs at the same time. Decide what control method to use (see management tips for specific situations), and whether to hire a professional or to treat the neighborhood using the help of volunteers from your neighborhood organization. Be careful and only use insecticides when and where they are needed. Closely follow label directions. Today's baits are gentle on the environment and are best applied using crank-type seeders or spreaders. The Two-Step Method (using baits and treating recurring mounds individually) is best for most heavily infested turfgrass areas. In areas with low fire ant populations or an interest in preserving native ant species, treat mounds individually. By starting your fire ant control program in the fall and following a regular maintenance schedule thereafter, you'll see fewer ants -- and will spend less time on injured reserve because of ant stings. Williamsburg Air Service provides Commercial and Residential Fire Ant Control. The system utilized by Williamsburg Air Service will not harm native ants, it only singles out and destroys fire ants. Ant bait will not harm humans or animals. The bait only targets fire ants. Fire ants get into homes and outside circuit breakers and panel boxes. Williamsburg Air Service can help you win the war against ants. Call us today.